Tuesday, September 29, 2015

OFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN.........!!!

We're leaving as early tomorrow as we can to pick Jake the jack up and bring him back to Amy's.  She will board him for a couple of months, while the babies get stronger and not quite as attached to momma, hopefully.  Who knows, maybe being away from the herd will dim his memory of what his job use to be.  

Last night Jim called and although I had talked to Amy and she was willing to "babysit", Jim want to see if Jake would behave himself.  Didn't take long for him to fall off the wagon, so to speak.  Jim called this morning and I guess Jake went after one of the babies.  Thankfully Jim was right there and managed to make a loud noise to distract him.  He has Jake in a small pen for now, but of course that isn't a good long term answer.  

Amy has 2 of our alumni.  Gus and Beau both have strong personalities, so she is use to dealing with "asses" shall we say.........LOL  And if he wants to act like an overbearing jerk, Beau for sure will give him something to think about.  Gus has Poitou in him and is more mellow, but big enough not to be pushed around.  We're hoping Jake will settle down if there aren't any jennies around.   

I'll try to get pictures of the little ones.  Jim said both of them have black noses, so they are NLPs, Non Light Points.  About 10% of donkeys have dark noses and bellies, rather than the light tan or cream, we are use to.  Lynn, one of the minis is the only NLP we have ever had. 


ellie k said...

Hope you do get some pics, the babies will be cute but the move for the jack will be interesting when he meets his new friends. Good luck.

Tish said...

Everything went fine, well except for a blown tire on the trailer, although I'm not sure Jake would agree..............LOL

ellie k said...

Jake will soon learn what real life is. It will probably be good for him to come down a notch and settle some.

Tish said...

Actually he's probably going to stay here rather than go to Amy's. Her life is almost as hectic as ours, and I think I'd rather keep him where there is more supervision. He's really mellow and nothing seems to bother him.