Thursday, September 24, 2015

MONSOON IS OVER..........!!!


Well, that's what the weatherman says.  Not sure Mother Nature agrees, but we'll see.  So far we've still got high humidity, fog in the early morning (what is that about, in the desert?), but the temperature is climbing every day, which means the high humidity won't be around long.  The nights are cooling off in the high 50's, which makes for great sleeping weather.  

It was raining at feeding time the other night and was suppose to rain most of the night, so the donkeys got to have their fly masks off for the night.  It's been awhile since I got to see their pretty faces.  But the next morning as soon as it started to warm up, here come the flies.  Another month or so, and we can get rid of the masks till spring.  The lost masks are getting easier to find, most of them lately have been caught in the barbed wire fence around the property.  WHY you might ask?  Because they are sticking their heads thru the fence to get to "food" on the other side.  They've eaten everything on the 10 acres and aren't over on Burroland but a couple of hours a day.  John is still feeding short rations, so they have to feed themselves I guess.  LOL  Yesterday Amy was picking up poo and told John Rosie was hiking one of her hind legs up when she walked.  John asked if it wasn't Frijolita, since she has string halt and damp weather makes it worse.  She insisted it was Rosie until they saw Frijolita walk.  Seems like Frijolita has put on a few pounds lately and her body shape is looking more and more like Rosie these days.......!!  

Heard from Benny and Nina, alumni from years ago that live in Arrivaca.  Their mom sent a picture and I thought they looked pretty good.  Guess the lighting was good, because she wrote back, and said she can't legally call them fluffy anymore.  She has about 20 acres of grasslands, 4 equine, and my complete sympathy..........LOL

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