Sunday, October 05, 2014


Well, maybe not my best friend, but I've been watching her build a magnificent web, and catching snacks for her larder for the last couple of weeks.  She's on the courtyard, where I soak Cisco's hay every morning and night, so we have a lot of contact.  She doesn't even move when I'm in the area.  One morning I came out after a low of 41 degrees and she was hanging on the web, like above.  I touched her and she didn't move, so I was afraid she had gotten too cold.  But later in the morning after she had a chance to warm up, she was running all over the place.  I haven't seen her early in the morning again, so assume, she got caught out that night and is making sure it doesn't happen again.  

I think everyone is enjoying the cooler weather, less flies, less doctoring.......although the donkeys are still wearing their fly masks and need them.  Less flies doesn't mean, NO flies unfortunately.

This morning while I was languishing in bed and putting some thought into getting up, I heard a large bird run into one of the bedroom windows.  We've actually had less bird strikes this year than we usually have, which is good.  Large birds are REALLY loud when they hit.  I got up to look and right below the window was sitting a Sharp-Shin hawk.  As soon as he saw me he move away but stayed on the ground, so I assumed he had hit the window, which is unusual.  Birds of prey rarely strike the windows.  I stood real still, but he still knew I was watching him, so I moved to another window to sneak a peek.  He went back right underneath the window with purpose, picked up a dove, which was what had hit.  A Sharp-Shin is a small hawk, not much bigger than a dove, and he had a hard time getting off the ground, but he finally made it.  We've had hawks learn to fly birds into the windows, makes hunting a lot simpler for them, I'm sure.  One time John's sister was complaining about the prey birds hanging around where she fed the birds.  John's nephew told her "well it is a bird feeder you know".........she was not amused.............LOL

Had a lady come out to visit with Pancho and Pepsi.  She has a rescue heart, already has a "family" of them from what she said, including a blind weanling horse.  He was born with cataracts, has been checked, and there is nothing that can be done to give him even minimal sight.  She really liked the boys, but on second thought, decided her plate is pretty full, she also works.  I appreciate her putting thought into making a long term decision and deciding not to adopt.  Pancho has been in 2 homes in a little over 2 years, for no reason except people changing their minds, commitment to making it work. 

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