Thursday, October 16, 2014


 Pepsi contemplating whether it's worth it to come into the courtyard of the house..!
Not what he had planned for the day.  When we took him and Rosie to the vet Tuesday, I must say, for a little guy he can be a real handful.  Nine months in a home that let him get away with whatever, has turned him into a real brat.  I thought we were going to have to rope him, which would have been a whole lot of adventure I'm sure.  But John managed to get a lead rope around his neck and I got a halter on his squirmy little head.  Next problem trailer loading...........jeeesh!  He just wasn't going to make any of it easy.

Rosie was reluctant but not as much trouble as the little guy.  Got to the vet decided to check Rosie's belly spots in the trailer.  No sense in asking for problems, Nancy knows our animals are not always polite and cooperative..........LOL  Nancy thinks it might be a worm like neck worms i.e. thread worms, since I've spent the entire summer, clearing it up and it coming back.  So she will get wormed weekly until cold weather and I'll continue doctoring the 3 areas on her belly.  I told them when we went in I didn't want to hear any remarks about her weight.............LOL  She's lost about 60 pounds, needs to lose another 100 probably.  But the mesquite bean season set us back on her "diet".  She is unhappy with the amount of food John gives her and has eaten the door off the well house.  This morning when John went out she had the hinge and a little bit of the attached wood in her mouth, chewing on it.........!!! 

 I wish I had a camera when John took Pepsi out of the trailer to go into...........the big cave that eats little donkeys, or as we refer to it, the large animal part of her clinic.  Actually a video would have been better.  He jumped out of the trailer, looked around and locked all 4 legs, in the "NOPE" position.  It took 4 people, John and a vet tech pulling on the lead, Nancy pushing and shoving along with a guy in to have his 4 alpacas looked at.  Poor Pepsi, I couldn't even get in there to help, he was surrounded by a sea of people, and his little hooves were digging  channels in the dirt, as they literally dragged him about 30 feet.  I'll say one thing he never changed his mind...............LOL

Needless to say his cooperative thoughts were not working, but a happy shot took care of that.  My diagnosis was wrong, it wasn't an encapsulated eye lash, it was a little tumor about the size of a large pea.  Sent it off to see if it is cancer, if so, we'll have to take him back to have chemo shot into the area, in case she missed any cells.  It was loose and didn't have irregular edges, so hopefully it will be OK and if we're lucky it won't be cancer......!!  

Of course there were stitches, seven of them that have to be removed in 10 days.  And in the meantime we have to put salve on the area twice a day.  This means we have to catch the little monster twice a day to put on the salve.  So far he isn't giving up, we have to get a halter on him, put him in the Redneck Squeeze, snub his head to the corral pipe and hope for the best.  You would think he would give up, but so far shows no inkling to do so............. SIGH....!!!  I will remove the stitches, which should really be entertaining, unless he makes up his mind that we are actually not hurting him and that we are going to accomplish the task, with or without his cooperation.  Wish me luck.......!!!!

The race track added us to the 2 day program this week-end at the last minute.  It's going to be non-point races both nights, so I told John we wouldn't go.  But he wants to at least go Friday night.  Our son is racing at the asphalt track Saturday night, so we'll go there, since my races aren't point races.  I tried to talk John into driving my car Friday night, but he said he won't drive it.  I don't know why, if he wrecks it, he has to fix it..........LOL

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