Monday, October 13, 2014

Hunter and Kyler came to visit today

The great grandkids came out to visit yesterday.  Seems like donkey poo was quite a hit.  You can't say we don't go all out to entertain them........!!! LOL 

This is a perfect place for little boys to get dirty and Kyler and Hunter did their best.  Our grandson e-mailed that they were both asleep before they got out to the mailboxes, when they left for Tucson.  I'd turn them loose and go find them later, but you know how parents can be.........LOL  I'm sure when they get a little older I can loosen up the parents to let the kids get hurt and dirty.  

Anubis is back to normal, we kept her on the courtyard for 3 days and she was ready to go back to her pen.  She has always had spaying incontinence which is one reason she could never be an indoor dog.  Nicki couldn't be an indoor dog, just because he's Nicki, talk about a bull in the China Shop.....!!!  The vet gave her a prescription for a hormone pill to see if it would keep her from dribbling.  She's been on it for a few days and there is definite improvement, hopefully it will cut down on my bed washing duties and I'm sure she'd be more comfortable.  

I won my race Saturday night.  This is starting to be a lot of fun........!!! LOL  I do have to quit running into other cars with my "back" bumper though..........!!!  This is the 2nd race night in a row, that someone has tried to remove my poor little bumper.  I don't take it personal, but John is starting to complain.  He gets tired of putting it back on and of course the more it has to be worked with, the less he has to work with. 

We are taking Rosie and Pepsi in to the vet tomorrow morning.  Pepsi has a growth below his eye, my "WAG" is........ an encapsulated eye lash.  Buddy had one of those a few years ago, and it looks about the same.  But we'll see what the expert thinks.  

Rosie has been fighting 3 areas on her belly almost all summer.  They are open and bloody.  I will doctor them, really doesn't seem to matter what I use and they will heal up nicely.  I will stop doctoring and a few days later they will be drippy and oozy, doctor again, heal again, and so it goes. 

Everyone still has their fly masks on.  A few days ago I think maybe we could start trying to take them off.  But on 2nd thought I think the flies are building up for their last ditch effort at being obnoxious.  My neat little stable fly trap is doing a rousing business.  I ran out of the special bait, so put some raw meat scraps in the dish and haven't noticed any difference in the amount of flies getting trapped.  I wish there was some way to kill them every day.  It's not getting warm enough now to basically "cook" them, so they just gather in the top day after day and eventually die.  Liquid nitrogen comes to mind, but I don't have any of that laying around.  Couldn't use sprays, because then it wouldn't draw the flies in if it smelled wrong.  ANY IDEAS..........?????

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