Sunday, April 26, 2020


He's a cute little thing, all white except for a few black speckles on his muzzle where there isn't any hair.  Very friendly and really impressed a runner from Colorado that came down for the Superior Burro race last Oct and ran with him.  So much in fact, that is why he needed to catch a ride to Colorado with Lynn and Linda, to go to his new home. 

Suzanne, Lynn and Linda took 3 of the donkeys out for a run this morning and Linda ran him.  I guess he did really good.  He's got a real heavy coat of hair coming from Alpine.  I would imagine he'll start losing it really quick in our almost 100 degree weather. 


ellie k said...

He looks so small, is he under weight or just a small donkey. He is a pretty boy and will look even better when that winter coat is gone.

Tish said...

He's actually a good weight, he has a small frame and looks like a lightweight compared to some of ours. LOL Some of ours fight the battle of the bulge all the time. Well actually they don't fight it, they embrace it, us caretakers fight it...........!!

ellie k said...

I fight it also an seem to be losing the fight at times.