Friday, April 24, 2020


Although with Arizona's usual, "we're not going to do this long term" attitude, it looks like as of May 1st, things are going to relax a little according to the governor.  The asphalt track is planning on having a race the 9th of May, unfortunately the Hornets aren't on the 1st program,so I'll have to wait while, hope it doesn't conflict with the dirt track..........LOL

As usual it's busy around here, pandemic or no pandemic.  Lynn and Linda have added another donkey to their herd.  He was suppose to be a surprise, but they told us before we went to pick him up.  He had to be gelded before he came out here with all these girls, although he's not very big.  He would have had a problem becoming a daddy he could almost walk under the belly of most of our girls, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't try.  And most of the girls are hussies, when a new boy comes on the property, no matter what size he is........!!

I think that is maybe Paco welcoming him into the herd.

He's even smaller than Cheyenne.

If he is in his pen and you come close this is what you end up seeing.  He is very personable, loves people and has no fear of the big donkeys or Casper the monster mini mule.  Actually Casper has mellowed I guess.  He didn't really pay much attention to Arrow, so I guess he's given up on trying to bully the new kids on the block.  He chased Arrow a couple of times, but not with great enthusiasm.  More like "I was here first" chasing.  He's played with some of the big geldings including Link the mammoth, even Big Gus, and is missing hair in a couple of spots.  I just hope one of them doesn't pick him up, he's small enough they could.......LOL    

Earlier in the week a woman called me from Tonopah, which is up above Phoenix.  Her donkey has bloody legs from the flies, their weather is already hot.  She had a vet come out to treat her and was told to get her into a cooler climate. Although we aren't as hot as they are yet, we're suppose to hit 100* Sunday, so it won't be long.  She wanted to know if we could help, and I knew it was going to be something other than us taking her.  

Linda and Lucky A Rescue up in Alpine have been corresponding about a donkey that needs a ride to Colorado, when Lynn and Linda go.  And right now spring has not sprung in Alpine, they still have snow, it's over 8000 feet.  Sounds like a cooler climate doesn't it?  Linda called and Michele didn't even let her get finished with her story, before she said she would take her. 

This was her when Lynn and Linda first saw her up in Tonopah

She's got a lot of fly damage on her front legs.  Her owner said she licks anything she puts on the legs off.  Not sure my Cortazone10 suggestion would be a good idea under those circumstances.

Quilla and Justin were the first to welcome her.  Quilla has already got his legs covered because of the flies.

Lynn and Linda are waiting today until Michele can meet them half way to pick up Donkey, (yes that's her name) and hand off Louie the guy that needs a ride to Colorado.  

And so it goes.................


Steph said...

Oh those poor legs. Hopefully they heal quickly.

Tish said...

They should, in the cooler weather without flies. Michele said they don't even need fly masks up there. Ours already have masks on as of this week and will have until probably November. The ones that go to Colorado will wear their masks in the trailers, to protect from anything flying around in an open stock trailer on the trip. But they don't wear them in Colorado.

Steph said...

That's good to hear. I would like to thank you for talking the time to respond, love reading your blog and learning from you about the donkeys.

Tish said...

No problem, I'm glad you enjoy hearing about the donkeys.