Friday, November 27, 2009

Paladin is still being a good boy. Occasionally there are some squabbles, with dust flying & everyone running. But it's not always him, although he's usually close to the center of the dust flying. But as long as he isn't being overly aggressive & the others don't mind him being close to them, he's doing OK.

Today we had a couple of women come out to visit. They were willing to be my guinea pigs to see how Paladin would react to other people. Just about a month ago, he was running wild & had very little human contact. He's made a lot of progress, but mostly with John & I. He let them pet his face a little & managed to eat some pellets from their hands without biting them. He dropped some pellets, but managed to get most of them. For the Open House we will put up signs warning of his short comings with being fed by hand, & will have pans in the pen so people can put pellets in there if they want. My next project with him will be putting a halter on him. I don't think it will be a big problem, but I sure wish I knew more about all this training stuff than I do.

This morning when John was rounding everyone up, he was putting Jenny & Pepper in their pens. Actually Pepper's pen is inside Jenny's, so they were both in her pen. John was trying to entice Pepper, he doesn't always move with purpose & Jenny started to go into his pen just about the time Pepper headed that direction. When he got close to her he decided to check her out. He started to put his nose on her side & she turned around to bite him. John just happened to be standing between them, so guess who got bit? Poor Jenny got chastised, Pepper got a cheap thrill & John found out being in the middle of one of Pepper's little trysts isn't much fun. You gotta love the old buzzard..............!!!!! Well I guess Jenny doesn't.

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