Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Lynn, Linda, Doug and the 4 dogs left after chores yesterday morning and called last night when they got there.  Didn't have any problems and got set up in the RV the boss had rented for them.  That way they didn't have to drag their RV out there.  Linda said it's really nice.  

The dogs seemed to think it's just fine.  Lola was out playing with her ball and missed the photo session.

It's been along time since John and I have done chores by ourselves, but we managed to remember enough to get it done last night and this morning.  They seem to think we are too slow, but there's a lot of difference between 2 people, and 3 or 5, unfortunately they don't seem to see the problem, except from their point of view.  They better get use to it..........LOL

Today we plan on letting everyone out on the 10 acres to see if Don will leave Gigi alone.  I don't know if he's just being a bully or if she was cycling.  Either way, since she is already crippled and we don't want to take a chance on her getting hurt.

The problem with Joe and Boaz seems to have come to an end.  Yesterday morning before they left Doug saw Joe making a wide berth around Boaz, so I guess he's decided to drop back into 2nd place with the Tula group.  He came in with them this morning and Boaz didn't seem to care.

Here's a selfie Linda took a couple of days ago.  If you look behind her, the Colorado boys are following along in line.  It's hard to see, but all five are there.

This is Leddy, Turbo and Leo with their Thanksgiving decorations

This is what Lynn and Linda wake up to each morning.  The donkeys are going to think they've been deserted until Lynn and Linda come back.

I would have never thought this would be possible, but Linda managed to put a hat on Penny, that is touching her ear.

Justin is sure he deserves a cookie.....I have been informed this is actually little Miss Cheyenne, and she has begging down to a science...!!

Gus joining in the festivities for the 1st time.

Big Boss BlackJack with his little turkey friend about a lot of animal crackers.  Mindy has been here for 3 days, grooming and just hanging out with the donkeys.  She even brought goodies, I've never seen this big a container of animal crackers.  The donkeys REALLY like them...............LOL

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