Unknown said...

I want a donkey so very much. I would love to be friends with a you work

Diana.G. said...

Where do we donate please hook up with pay pal and place a donation button on your site or your address so we Can see where TO donate
Thanks ,God Bless the work you do
DIana NY

Tish said...

As a private rescue/sanctuary we don't solicit donations although we gratefully accept........!!! I do have a paypal account Our physical address is on the web-site under contacts. Thank you for your kind words, I think donkeys are the most misunderstood and under appreciated animals in the world. Civilizations have been built on the backs of donkeys, yet they are considered stupid and stubborn and ridiculed all over the world. Very sad considering they are highly intelligent, thoughtful and amazing ambassadors for their species....!!

Anonymous said...

We so much enjoyed our visit on Monday 5/14. You guys rock.
I talked you up on RV.Net, hope it brings you visitors and appreciation for what you do.
Thanks again, Mike and Wendy.